In this Weekly (21st March) Rundown , we will be exploring the world of Products, Start-Ups and Venture Capital.

I. Product Management

  • Product management doesn't only mean coming up with features and implementing them but an end-end lifecycle management, strategy and planning that spreads over multiple sprints
  • One of the key challenges for a product manager is coming up with a way to reduce the noise of feature releases and identifying a prioritization framework.

II. Top New Products of the Week

  • Hints: Aims to disrupt the way we capture information. A simple way to self-organize and improve your productivity with notes, links, screenshots, tasks, files, calendar, reminders and voice-memos
Hints - Valuable info is quickly captured and self-organized | Product Hunt
  • Curato: Is trying save, curate and monetize great content. Aimed at content creators to make content discovery easier and more visible.
Curato - Save, curate and monetize your great taste in content | Product Hunt
  • Decklicks: Aimed at making B2B sales more human, this product is trying to change the way B2B sales is currently done in a more engaging way
DeckLinks - Making B2B sales more human, together | Product Hunt
  • Theneo: Writing API documentation is quite cumbersome and inefficient. Theneo aims to disrupt this with their AI that generates stripe like API docs, making less technically demanding for writers and less writing-intensive for developers
Theneo - Build Stripe-like API docs in just a few clicks | Product Hunt
  • Livedocs: Helps to bring live data from existing tools into your documents, so metrics like retention, MRR, web-traffic can be tracked by anybody on the team in less than 90 seconds.

Bonus Mentions:

  • Ramp wants to build an NFT Community with no-code
  • Yhangry is a private chef marketplace for dinner parties from $40pp

III. Venture Capital

  • Sequoia has launched an accelerator program in Europe and US
  • Barcelona based startup Typeform closed a Series C funding of $123M led by Sofina with a post-money valuation of $935M
  • Website builder Webflow has hit a $4Billion valuation as it nears a $100 M revenue (40x Revenue Muliple)
  • Hyper delivery start-up Getir has raised $768million in Series E and has become Turkey's second Decacorn being valued at $11.8 Billion after Trendyol
  • Blockchain sector raised the highest in this week's funding with Consensys raising $450M, and Optimism raising $150M
  • Novel Capital aims to provide alternative financing tools to help SaaS founders avoid dilution
  • VCs are turning the heat on the restaurant tech segment
  • Google is setting the pace of Cyber Security M&A with its proposed purchase of Mandiant for $5.4Billion

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