In this Weekly Rundown segment, we will be exploring the latest news in the world of Products, Start-Ups and Venture Capital.

I. Product Management

A visual way of understanding how to convert outcomes into practice.

Product Roadmap: 4 Things to avoid:

a) Putting a timeline on a Product Roadmap

Dates belong on release plans. Planning too far ahead might trap into focusing and building features that have low priority user needs.

b) Too customer-driven

It’s very easy to be driven by a small handful of vocal customers, and that’s the danger of being too customer-driven with roadmap and product planning.

c) Prioritizing at the idea level

When you center your own ideas and then prioritize them, you’re basically taking an assumption and multiplying it by another assumption! Don’t focus on your ideas, focus on the problems that need to be solved. When you prioritize at the problem level, you’re moving the boulders before you move the pebbles.

d) The roadmap is basically a feature list

By taking a step away from features and functions, you can think about product strategy from all angles. Does a new feature need to be built, or does the product need new positioning? A product doesn't only get defined by its features but by the product strategy, new business models, and other levers

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II. Top 5 New Products of the Week

  • Heyday: Tired of keeping bookmarks? Heyday plans to solve this and give more accessibility to your digital brain with their slick web content optimization tool.
Heyday - Automatically organize content - without learning a new app | Product Hunt
  • Snipt.Dev: Search engine for code snippets. Instead of fishing for code to reuse on Stackoverflow, Sourcegraph or GitHub developers can enter what they are looking for and find safe and reusable code they can copy into their IDE. - Search engine for code snippets | Product Hunt

OpenPhone: From YC (Y-Combinator's portfolio), this firm aims to disrupt the work phone communications space with their hardware-agnostic solution

Waterplan: The world’s leading climate platform to measure, respond, report, and monitor your increasingly changing water risk. "Water is the new carbon" and companies try to tackle the current water-sustainability issues

Bonus: Check out Fleetzero as they aim to revolutionize shipping by becoming the Tesla for the maritime industry. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

III. Venture Capital

  • Grover becomes the latest German unicorn after raising $330million
  • Truora, a Colombian user authentication startup, has raised $15 million in Series A funding co-led by two Silicon Valley-based venture firms.
  • Binance.US—the American franchise of Binance—said it has raised more than $200 million in a seed round at a pre-money valuation of $4.5 billion, making it just the latest crypto-corn
  • Early-stage investor Elevation Capital (formerly Saif Partners) – which has backed the likes of Swiggy, Paytm, Urban Company and Meesho - has closed its eighth India-dedicated fund at $670 million, its largest-ever corpus.
  • Sustainable Packaging Investment Accelerates: Startups in the sustainable packaging space have pulled in hundreds of millions in venture funding in the past year, per Crunchbase data. And given that much of the other investment skews early or mid-stage, industry insiders see plenty of room for growth ahead.

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